The team behind #SELFMADE Documentary

#SELFMADE was thought up when several people of all races, ages, genders would tell me i inspire them to work harder or chase their dream. It became a new passion of mine, i wanted to inspire as many people as i could! I remember sitting in my apartment thinking of a way to make this happen... As time went on i failed more, learned more, grew more and decided to share in it in a video to reach anyone and everyone. My team & I have been working on this video since 2013, it's been a long road. At time i didn't think it would even get done or happen. There was no script involved, everything was straight from my heart. We are so excited to finally present to the world! Let's inspire and change lives... please share #SELFMADE and tag anyone you know who is #SELFMADE!  

Thank you's:

They say quality over quantity and that's exactly what my team looks like. I cannot thank Dillon Mortensen (@_DillDogg) enough for helping make this possible. I definitely could not have done this with out his great directing skills, eye and perfection for what he does! We've been together before i released my brand in 2011, it's been amazing to watch the growth since our FIRST video in 2011. So talented and a great friend! I appreciate you so much!


I don't bring on many people but i've always seen the passion and potential in my assistant. When she puts her mind to something she can accomplish ANYTHING. Cynthia Lizardo( @shecynful ) has been more than an assistant she has been by my side when i needed someone most, the person next to me as we tackle another all nighter full of work. Cyn has helped and coordinated so much for the #SELFMADE movement and school tour, i am so thankful for her!



My publicists have been so amazing and helpful to work with. I came to Neon Cloud PR with an idea, and part of a video and they helped really bring it to it's full potential. They took the time and would stay up late (past business hours) with me to plan the best plan we could! They went wayyyyy above and beyond, past all the clouds in the sky to make this project really be successful. Thank you so much Chris Smith (@lacerheadwearicons) & Audra Mincey (@hapa_mom) for all your hard work! 

He may not be a fashion designer but he has been a mentor to me for the past 3 years, he is one of the only people in the world i can 100% count on for anything. He has taught me so much and helped me with so many things. Daniel Chavez (@danielchavezmurals) also created the really fresh LILFRESHSAM and #SELFMADE logo you see. He's an amazing artist in everything he does and a great friend/mentor to many! Thank you for everything!

I'm so shy and when i think of getting on stages to speak to schools it makes me weak to be honest. I'm soooo thankful for my "speaking coach". Cameron McGraw (@doyou25) is also an amazing actor and model coach as well as a sales guru. Thank you for helping me overcome my fears and your persistance in it, you're a star!


Such a busy man but he found time to sit down with me and really plan out how to take my website to the next level, marketing, appearance, SEO. Maki Lucero (@Maki_293) is a genius in many areas but website building is one! I appreciate your time and late nights, and mostly i appreciate you truly believing in me and sharing my vision. Blessed to be on the same team! 

If anyone doesn't know Rachel, you should... It was an honor to have you write our  #SELFMADE Press release, and LILFRESHSAM/INFATUE Bio's +! It's like she knows how to say everything i wish i could, in the best way possible. She builds her writing like i build my clothes, so intricate and passionate. It's been a great experience working with you. Thank you so much!


We went through a ton of beats to find the perfect one for the video and trailer. It was a pleasure to work with #3hree (@the3hreeproject) on this! Thank you so much for all your help and of course beautiful sounds! 


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Thank YOU!!! Thank you every single person who shared the video, spreading the inspiration to their friends and lovers. I truly appreciate you guys! My family and friends / supporters / fans / great people who have supported be through this crazy journey.... WE MADE IT!  Now #MAKEYOURSELF the best person you can be! <3 

         Much Love,

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