#SELFMADE Tour Visits Bruce Randolph School

Honored to have the opportunity to speak to multiple classes today at Bruce Randolph School in Denver, Co. 

We strive to inspire every single person we speak to. We speak from experience with love and compassion. We discussed obstacles, and set backs that may occur in the process of chasing your dream and how you can conquer regardless of whatever you may face. We are living proof anything can happen when you dedicate yourself to what you love. There were some really great questions we were asked today from multiple students, so good we had to share.

(1.) Student Question: "You said in your video you don't have much time to spend with your family. Is it worth it?" 

LilFreshSam Answer: "It's tough, it's a battle i deal with every single day. How i think of it is, they are my motivation to do what i do, they keep me hungry, and i work harder knowing i do it for them, and to better their future as well." 

(2.) Student Question: "How do you decided what to do when you love many things? I love animals, but also love to draw."

LilFreshSam Answer: "You can be great at many things. Maybe try to find a way to use them both in one profession or do both if you can. I offer many services so that when one isn't busy, another service is."

(3.) Student Question: "Do your parents support what you do?"

LilFreshSam Answer: "They do. I don't think they fully understand what i do, or what the daily life consists of being an entrepreneur but they do support me.