INFATUÉ Releases Bamboo Bill Hat Collaboration

The collab between INFATUÉ and MMC is innovative and futuristic, literally thinking of the future the bill is made of completely recycled Bamboo. Check under the bill for  nearly perfect hand engraved logos. Comfortable and sturdy you will guaranteed stand out with this hat. Only a limited amount available in each style and will never be reproduced again. 

Purchase your hat: INFATUECLOTHING.COM

About Moon Men Creations:

Moon men creations started as a hobby in a garage in Maui. The garage belonged to a retired carpenter who was always happy to help teach. After several months of random projects,we stumbled upon the idea for the wood billed hat. After building the first hat out of scraps from another artists sculpture, and a hat we found on the beach, we realized we had something unique that people loved. 

Since our humble beginnings we have moved Moon men creations to Kansas City in order to get back to our roots. We have always believed in supporting local artist and creators alike because they are who make our communities bright. Since our move we have featured Kansas City artist and friends who help make our dream a reality. 

Alongside of working with local artist we believe in operating on the most sustainable way possible which why we have chosen to use bamboo as the primary focus. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on earth and grows nearly everywhere. Despite its over abundance bamboo is also extreme durable and water resistant. 

For your additional viewing pleasure we began adding veneers to our bamboo bills. Each veneer is hand selected to ensure that it is up to quality and our highest standards. Which means that even though some of the patterns look similar you can be assured that each hats is unique and one of a kind. 

Since the use of veneers, we have adopted the motto of "Minimal impact, Huge give back"  . And even though the veneer uses only a small portion of the trees we have still decided to make a promise of planting one tree for every 100 hats we sell. So that we and you can rest easy to know that we are creating and supporting a better planet.