I tend to stay in a box when it comes to Fashion, so i came with am open mind to try new things i’d never pick up. She brought me clothes to try on and i was supposed to find new pieces i love and styles i’ll keep in my wardrobe for the long haul.
— CEO & Founder Women Of Denver
Coming into the DJ industry I never realized how important your image was. Thanks to Lilfreshsam I’m now on the right track. I had 3 photoshoots ,that I was extremely dissatisfied with, before I contacted her. Do I wish I would have worked with her sooner! Now I’m on the right track and feeling amazing. One question that will always reside with me is “Do you love it?” . I can’t wait for all future projects with her! Hopefully she continues to have time for me because I know that she’s a very talented person with an extremely strong passion and will be at the top!
— DJ Corona
I had a great experience working with Lil Fresh Sam! I’m picky about what I wear, but she quickly got a hold on my style and took it to the next level instantly. She has a great eye for the future of fashion & It inspires me as an artists to stay original and always keep it fresh!
— Amanda Hawkins
I’ve been working with Sam and the Infatué staff for a couple months now and I can honestly say Sam is the best stylist I’ve had. She’s so versatile and has so many creative ideas, I know she’s going somewhere and I’m glad to be apart of the movement.
— Trev Rich
Working with Lil Fresh was nothing short of inspiring. She made it her goal to help me fashion a style that fit who i truly am. From beginning to end, she was professional, conscious of my time and budget, and committed to delivering a great experience. I was a canvas and she was a profound artist and collaborator.
— Anthony Grimes